How to Make a Hartford Skunk-Proof Fence or Barrier

Hartford skunks are persistent diggers. They will dig on our vegetable gardens when searching for grubs and other insects. Fortunately, this nuisance creature is not an adept climber like the raccoon and squirrels. One of the most effective ways to control your skunk infestation is to create a wildlife-proof structure. Your barrier or your fence will serve as your first line of defense against the invasion of skunk. Here are some ways on how you can install them.

Installing Ground-Level Barrier
There are products sold in the market today that are intended to provide an extra barrier underground. Installing barriers will discourage the skunk from digging into our yard. It is highly recommended to install it together with the fence. You need to select a barrier that is constructed from high grade materials. This can prevent the creature from burrowing on the vulnerable areas of our home. Some barriers are being used on the airport runways in order to avoid hillside erosion.

Woven Wires
I-shaped or also known as woven wire is an effective preventative measure against the infestation of the Hartford skunk. You may install it under your home’s deck, concrete slab or on the various vulnerable section of our house. Installing woven wires can be time-consuming and rigorous. Before the introduction of the ground-level barrier, this is the more preferred solution against the invasion of the nuisance creature. The proper installation and the safety process is the secret to guarantee the efficacy of your barrier. There are also L-shaped woven wires and installing them does not have to be too difficult. This is an excellent method to skunk-proof your house.

You need to make sure that your defense is holding up against the invasion of the Hartford skunk. One good way to determine the efficacy of your barrier or fence is to scatter some flour on the gaps of the fence that you just fixed. In case they successfully breakthrough the barrier, they will definitely leave some tracks. Understanding the habit of the creature in their urban habitat is necessary to erect the right deterrent against the creature. In the wild, the skunk will build their den in the hollow of the trees. Since this element is not found in the urban areas, they will build their den in the crawl spaces of our house. You might want to consider adding barriers in these areas to prevent the creature from dwelling in our house. Aside from the problems that it can cause to our yard, they can also invade the areas of our house with a low human activity such as on our basement and garage. If you want to evict your unwanted guests, trapping them would be a perfect solution. After that, you should try to install skunk deterrents such as the barriers we mentioned above. In case installing these deterrents seems too complex, a professional wildlife removal company may help you. They can also provide you an access to some supplies that can help you stay away from wildlife infestation problem.

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